The Alice Street Clubhouse

49 Alice Street - Guelph

Clubhouse TV

Clubhouse TV is providing video and media artists with a new platform to present their work in the heart of The Ward. Artists may submit their video content for consideration to be played as part of a constant loop in the window of the The Alice Street Clubhouse. Clubhouse TV will be launching later in summer 2021.

Community groups, arts organizations, and other groups may also submit content that is relevant to our community to be displayed.

Please note: this is a juried process and not all submissions will be selected.    

Submit a video here, or contact us at for more information.

Current Videos

"Virtual Flowers" Emma Ongman, 2020
"Bulge" Madeleine Lychek, 2021
"[I carry your heart]" Dawn Matheson, 2017
"Places We Used to Know" Erin MacIndoe Sproule, 2021
"Phosphnenes" Ahmri Vandeborne, 2021
"There's a Factory on Our Street" Jay Wilson, 2015
"Elemental Space Dance" Lynda Walters, 198*

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Clubhouse TV is supported by our sponsors, and viewers like you.

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